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Sprockets are teeth like projections arranged on a wheel rim to engage the links of a chain. They engage chains in many different power transmission and conveyor systems. They are mainly made of cast iron, sintered metal, and carbon steel. Inserted sprockets are also designed to reduce noise and operation. They are often an economic, reliable drive system for long running, continuous drive applications with maximum absorption of shock and minimum torque loads.

Sprockets are most commonly used in bicycles. In a cycle, a chain runs between two sprockets. When the paddle is pushed, the front gear is turned and that meshes with the links in the chain. The chain moves and meshes with the links in the rear gear that is attached to the rear wheel. This enables the bicycle to move.

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Where the amount of mechanical energy is more, and a single chain sprocket cannot support this much of energy, double chain sprockets are used. Sprocket is a type of gear, which is very popular and have various important applications. In these gears there are teeth made of metal. These teeth mesh with chain or chain like track. The distance between two sprockets is denoted by a term, which is called as 'pitch'.

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