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Straight Bevel Gears
Straight bevel gears are the simplest of the bevel gears. They are manufactured on precision generating machines by indexing method ensuring that the teeth should be of tapered depth and thickness. Teeth are cut on the outside of the cone. They have a straight tooth geometry, which if extends, passes through the intersection of their axes.

Straight bevel angle can also be with one gear flat with a pitch angle of 90 degrees. These have conical pith surfaces that operate on intersecting axes. They can be designed and cut to operate on any shaft angle. In straight bevel gears when each tooth engages it impacts the corresponding tooth and simply curving the gear teeth can solve the problem.

Straight bevel gears come in two variations depending on the fabrication equipment. They are grouped into Gleason type and the standard type. Major percentage of them is of Gleason type with a coniflex form that gives almost an imperceptible convex appearance to the tooth surface. In the standard form, the gear has no profile shifted tooth.

These gears are recommended at less speed and when loads are light. At higher speed they make noise. The most preeminent function of these gears is in a bevel gear differential. Straight tooth gears are also used in chemical industries, steel plant, machine tools, cement plant, textile processing, material handling system, sugar mills and cooling towers etc.

Helical Bevel Gear
Helical bevel gear is a toothed gear in angular design. The input side is provided with a motor flange or a free input shaft and the output side are provided with a free shaft end or a hollow shaft. Helical bevel gears are fitted with flanges of various sizes. Reciprocating tools cuts them.

The advantages of helical bevel gears are high efficiency and low reduction rate. The use of helical bevel gear saves energy and cost. Helical bevel gears are manufactured by an alloyed case hardening steel. The gear material is given an extremely strong, homogeneous structure.

They can replace worm gears in a variety of applications, particularly in modular machinery. They are also used as storage and retrieval unit. They are commonly used in modern differentials.

Spiral Bevel Gear
We offer Spiral Bevel Gears that are according to the global gar standards. We are capable of producing and supplying a wide varieties of spiral bevel gears made of different metals, according to the industrial requirements. We use the best quality gear materials for these spiral bevel gears. The team which is accountable for introspecting the quality standard of the manufactured spiral bevel gears, is comprised of experts having pool of knowledge in this respective fields. We use the best technologies of the gear industry and sophisticated machineries, which inevitably assist in improving the quality of the spiral bevel gears.

The teeth of the bevel gears may be either straight or in different shapes. Spiral Bevel gear is an important kind of bevel gears. In Spiral Bevel Gears, the teeth are both curved along their length and these are also set at an specific angle. The angle at which the teeth of the Spiral Bevel Gears are set, equivalently to the way the teeth of the helical gears are set at an angle with comparison to the teeth of the spur gears.

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