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Spur Gear,sur gears, helical gears
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Spur Gear
We produce high quality standard Spur Gears that are used in different industrial and commercial purposes. We have versatile nature workforce, which comprises experts engineers, designers, mechanics etc. we give assurance about the high quality and best functioning of the Spur gears, which we manufacture. Along with the best quality, we are also determined about on timely delivery of these gears. These gears are considered as the fundamental gears and use for a large number of gear applications.

These spur gears are the simplest type of gears and these are also the most common type of gears. These gears are usually found in cylindrical shape or in disc form. These have radial tooth projections. The leading edges of the teeth are joined in parallel to the axis of rotation. When these gears are fitted to parallel axles, then only these gears can be meshed properly.

Helical Gear
The Helical Gears produced by our production units are able to fulfill all the standards prescribed by different Gear Manufacturing Associations (GMA) both at national as well as international level. We use the best quality gear materials for these helical gears. The team which is accountable for introspecting the quality standard of the manufactured helical gears, is comprised of experts having pool of knowledge in this respective fields. We use the best technologies of the gear industry and sophisticated machineries, which inevitably assist in improving the quality of the helical gears.

The refined form of Spur gear is the Helical gears. In helical gears, the leading edges of the teeth are not parallel to the axis of rotation and instead of it, these leading edges are set at an angle. This angling causes the tooth shape to become a segment of a helix. In helical gears, the angled fastened more regularly than the teeth of the spar gears. The possibility of using non-parallel shafts is offered by the helical gears. There are two ways in which a pair of helical gears can be meshed. These two ways are: either the sum or difference of the helix angles of the gears with the orientation of the shafts. These configurations of the helical gears are referred to as crosses or parallel respectively. Between these two configurations, the parallel configuration is more sound in mechanical point of view. In this parallel configuration, there is a common tangent at which the helices of a pair of meshing teeth meet with one another. In the crossed configuration, there is no such tangential concept of meeting, and instead of it, there is a point of contact between tooth surfaces. Due to this difference between parallel and crosses helical gears, the parallel helical gears are used with heavy loads, whereas the crosses helical gears are used for light loads.

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