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A journey that started in 1952 by providing a satisfying solution for our first customer, today has led to building a chain. With this ongoing journey Parkash Gears has emerged from a gear manufacturing shop to a diversified component manufacturer in its multi - diversified group of companies catering to Cement Industry, oil mill machinery gears, expellers gears, machine tool gears, power press gears , hammer gears, sugar mill gears, flour mill gears and rolling mill gears etc.

With its vast knowledge, Parkash Gears today is providing brilliant solutions for our Individual customers in the field of mechanical engineering, which has been a long practice with a strong technical back up and constant modernization.

Our core strength lies in the Satisfied Customer Return Ratio with the support of our team consisting of skilled individuals working in highly modern. Manufacturing facility in Ludhiana, focusing on International standard quality and on time delivery assurance through constant follow-up from inquisition till delivery, for our Clients.

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Parkash Gears
528, Oswal Street, Miller Ganj,
Phone: 0161-2531045
Fax:     0161-4624121

Contact: Mr. Puneet Goyal (+91-9872227755)

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