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pinion gears, pinion gears manufacturer, pinion gear india
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We supply highest quality pinions as per the requirements of our clients to meet their expectations. Competitively priced, our pinions have found acceptance among our clientele due to their operational efficiency.

There are various kinds of pinions like: Spur, Helical, Double Helical, Crown Pinions. Various equipments used in industrial sectors such as ,Cement Plants, Sugar Mills, Sponge Iron Plants Fertilizer plants, Thermal Power Station, Mineral Plants, Chemical Plants, Paper Mills, Mining Industry, Steel Rolling Plants, Textile Plants, Material Handing Equipments, Machine Tools.

We offer an exclusive range of high quality pinions that are checked thoroughly for high spots that prevents premature failure ensuring a noise-free operation.

shaft pinion,rotary shafts, pinion gear manufacturer
We are engaged in the engineering of highly efficient and cost effective pinion shafts that are known for durability and quality. Our R&D department is involved in product development and product innovation to offer better quality pinion shafts.

Pinion Shafts are the external input shaft of certain gear operators which drive the internal reduction gearing. Pinion Shafts are of various types like: Integral & Shrunk fit Pinion Shafts. The pinion, or more correctly, the pinion shaft, is a round rod that also has teeth on it, although these teeth run parallel to the length of the shaft, not lengthwise as on the rack. The pinion shaft comes into the rack at a ninety-degree angle, held in place by a collar, and the teeth on the pinion mesh with the teeth on the rack. The pinion is connected directly to the steering column, so when the steering wheel is turned to the left, for instance, the pinion rotates counter-clockwise (from the driver's perspective). The rotary motion of the pinion is changed to transverse motion by the rack. The rack moves to the right, making the wheels go left.

Available as standard with both Single and Double sided shafts and are produced in both Metric and Imperial sizes. Our pinion shafts have the sturdiness and the durability to function efficiently.

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